Skincare + Rituals

Combine Your Organic Skincare Products With Mindfulness Practices,
Transforming Your Daily Skincare Routine Into a Real Self-Care Ritual.


Our skin is like a space suit that makes it possible for us to travel through time and distances living interesting lives, learning new things, going places, loving people, and experiencing the whole range of sensations from pain to pleasure.

It is our only space suit and we should gratefully take care of it.

And yet we don’t always find enough time to give our love, attention and care to this amazing part of ourselves.

We believe it's time to change it! Start appreciating your skin, body and mind with Satis skincare.

Tonya with Satis Rituals Results

"💕 I love my Satis skincare products! The body butter is always by my side and I use it frequently! Really recommend it 😘"

Hanna G. Redwood City, CA

"I'm so down with Satis skincare, love it. 5/5 Can't wait to try the lavender body butter!"

Ashlee F. Atherton, CA

"it’s absolutely heavenly 🥰 such a delight to put on and smells amazing!"

Erin B. Redwood City, CA

"Love the lotion!! Thank you 🌸"

Allie C. Redwood City, CA


Only a peaceful, calm and focused spaceman can take good care of their space suit. In other words, in order for your skin and body to be healthy and good looking your mind has to be focused, calm and peaceful.

Our precious space suit depends on the wellbeing of the spaceman. Obvious! But how often do you clear up and calm your mind?

The power of your mind is extraordinary, simply concentrating on the positive effect of what we put into our skin boosts the real outcome. Right, energy flows where attention goes. Try it now with Satis Rituals.

Transform your skin today.

Holistic skincare rituals, and organic skincare products. Together.
Launching  2021.

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