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"Hi! I’m Tonya. One day I realized that I am the only one who truly cares about myself the most, so I took this responsibility in my own hands, and found my best way to peace and beauty. Satis is the way I share it with you."
People Behind Satis skincare rituals
Meet our team
co-founder & CEO
Antonina Brickley

Antonina is co-founder and CEO at Satis. She is working on a cutting edge holistic skincare platform and experience for all; resulting in better skincare and mindfulness. 

Co-founder & Designer
Matthew Brickley

Matthew is co-founder and startup advisor at Satis. He leads the design and platform efforts to create a complete mindful skincare experience and community. 

The right skincare approach through satis rituals.
The Satis Journey

At some point my usual skincare was not enough for me anymore. I had to admit that I’m not satisfied even with the most expensive brands. The ingredients were confusing. My body butter said Shea butter on the top, and had everything but shea butter in the ingredients. I really wanted to see some change in the mirror reflection. And at the same time it felt hard to follow all the daily routines. I just didn’t feel inspired. I was lost.

That was the moment when I realized that I am the one who has to take care of the way I feel and the way I look. Acknowledging, accepting and caring for your own body are the first and firm steps of self-care towards strong confidence, self-love and new relationships with your beautiful self.

It was a turning point! I changed everything - from what I used in my daily routine to how I used it.


I started learning about different natural ingredients, their properties and how they work together. I started creating organic skincare for Satis, and now I responsibly choose organic and natural ingredients, and always prefer local farmers’ products when possible. It’s good to know exactly what you put into your skin, right?

Our components are combined together in simple formulas with love & care - there is no nonsense in ingredients, nothing hidden, nothing wasteful. Literally, you could eat Satis cosmetics, but it is more efficient in nourishing your skin than your guts. Exfoliate, moisturize, nourish and protect - all these features you can find in our products.

I learned about the connection between the state of mind and state of skin. I learned that you can help your body get way more use out of any skincare by thinking right! And I’m excited to share this knowledge with you.

Essential oils that come in all Satis products boost your mood, health and general well-being. When applied to your skin, plant chemicals are absorbed. While inhaling, the aromas stimulate your limbic system: memories and emotions.

Satis Rituals are audio guides that help you perform your skincare routines consciously. By following them you will calm and destress your mind, bring your attention to your body, making your skin more receptive and increasing overall energy levels. Very soon you will find out that your routines are not boring anymore, because they transformed into really luxurious rituals.

That's how SATIS came to life, uniting mindfulness rituals with organic skincare.

Our mission is to make our whole world a little better by making you feel your best, because that’s how you spread good vibes around you, sharing your love with others.

Transform your skin today.

Holistic skincare rituals, and organic skincare products. Together.

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